Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Realization #1

I have reached a point in my life where a grunt and random comment from a strange dirty man who’s passing by me in a store leaves me feeling more flattered than disgusted. This bothers me on a few different levels, obviously. I’m hoping it’s just a rite of passage for young mothers who have post baby bodies and are nearing the big 3-0. I do apologize to women everywhere and promise I’ll try to do my best to feel completely insulted if there ever happens to be a next time.

Realization #2

I have whined and complained entirely too much about my tailbone being broken/hurting.
I know this but if I could somehow describe the pain then I think everyone would completely understand and feel that I am justified. Lately I’ve tried really hard not to complain but even without saying anything the wince and near tears every time I stand up, roll over, pick up a child, turn the wrong way…etc. gives it away. Where I used to want to punch Jay in the face for laughing at me every time the agony hit, I can’t even get mad anymore because it is quite humorous I suppose. So while I’ve realized my excessive complaining the thing that tipped me off that I’d gone too far was a conversation with Kynsley:

Kynsley: “Hey Momma, guess what my monkey backpack’s name is?”
(she was referring to one of those leashes for your child that’s disguised as a “backpack”)

Me: “What did you name him Sweetie?” (There’s no possible way to guess with this child. She comes up with some doozie names, let me tell you. For example she wants Anna Beth’s little brother to be named Tyree—where she got that is anyone’s guess)

Kynlsey: “His name is TAILBONE”.

Me: “…Oh…right…okay”

I guess I know where she got that name from. Clearly she’s heard it a few times.

Realization #3

I missed my calling.
I can’t take credit for this realization as it was reached with the help of Jay but he’s dead on I have to say. I totally should have been a character on a Disney show. One of those stupid shows like The Wiggles or Imagination Movers you know? I act like that all the time and don’t get paid for it. Singing? Check. Dancing crazy with children? Check. Saying bazaar, idiotic things and having people laugh at you? Check, check.

See there. It would have been perfect.

Realization #4

I'm really getting older. I find myself really enjoying listening to 99.1 at work and I always used to consider that an easy listening station. I keep trying to tell myself that surely they must have changed their format but deep down I'm afraid I know the truth. I also photographed a high school sorority lead-out a couple of weekends ago. Wow. Nothing will age you quite like that.