Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clarification, Rethinking and Explination/Apologies

Clarification: Obviously I don't have a talent for vague blogging. I posted yesterday without naming names because I didn't want to openly call anyone out but the identity of my 2nd "compliment" was quickly exposed! So first of all, I want to make it clear that I was in no way offended by either comment. I merely thought they were funny and could be taken either as a compliment or an insult. After saying that, I apparently misquoted my complimentor (is that a word?), who assured me it was indeed a compliment but it should have been quoted as "...pump some sunshine" rather than "cram some sunshine". I stand corrected and now am and probably will always be, ever-so-lovingly referred to as "sunshine pumper" by him.

Rethinking: After my post about my crush on Adam Durtiz, one of my blog-readers reminded me that I was not alone in my crazy crush and obviously, this man has some skills that appeal to certain women who I'm happy to be in the same category as. Although he's never been married, he has courted the following ladies:

Mary Louise Parker-the chick from Fried Green Tomatoes and now is on Weeds
Monica Potter--Who? You may ask. She's the girl in Patch Adams & I'm sure some other stuff. The song Mrs. Potter's lullaby was written for her.
Courtney Cox-she was in the Scream movies, 3000 to Graceland, oh and a little show called Friends! More importantly, she also starred in the music video for their song A Long December.
Jennifer Anniston-no explanation needed. It was pre-Brad Pitt but still, she's pretty up there on the Hollywood list I'd say.

He was also spotted a few years ago out and about with Mary-Kate Olsen but I choose to believe he was just mentoring her because I really don't think my Adam is a creepy 40-something year old who would date an 18 year old. Never! He may have dirty-looking fake dread locks but he's really not dirty people...

So, I have rethought my stance on my crush being strange and crazy. Clearly other women find him interesting too.

Explanation/Apologies: I really don't know why I'd say "apologies" because no one really cares. So I realize that I sound like one of those "I'm so sorry I haven't posted pictures of my kids for you to look at! I'm sure you're all just waiting by your coumputers to see there faces" mommies. But I suppose I am apologizing and explaing for the sake of my children in case they ever see their little friends mom's blogs with pictures of everything. I don't want them to think their mother never cared enough to work them into a post. So, the following blog titles will hopefully sooner, rather than later, be coming to a blog near you:
  • Was that M & M really worth it?
  • Daddy's (maybe not such a good idea) Birthday Gift
  • Bryson Goes to School
  • My Little Protege'
  • What ever happened to the Pictures from that Atlanta Trip?
  • It's been 10 years...really?
  • 3! Oh, it's the Magic Number

The reason I haven't posted these is because they actually, really and truly have pictures to go with them!! Hard to believe, I know. You see, my only "blog-world" time is while I'm technically working. At home computer time can only be used for work because I stay far enough behind as it is. So usually, while I'm running a gallery or something else that ties up photoshop for a while, I'll copy pictures to my jump drive so I can bring them to work and use them in my blogs! Now, remembering to do that is what proves to be the problem. For some reason I don't ever think of it until I'm actually at work and have time to type a blog. So, I will try to do better by my youngins.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Compliments...(maybe sneaky, back-handed ones, but I'll take them)

In the past couple of weeks I've been enlightened with two odd little comments that left me wondering...Was that a compliment, or an insult? Me, being the ever-so-annoying optimist, chose to view them as compliments. I'll let you be the judge:

Compliment/Insult #1:

I was told by someone who I hadn't seen in a while:

"You know, I think I'd trade my boobs for your figure." to take this? Well, let's be realistic here. Anyone with half decent eye-sight can tell that

A. My figure is the last one a person would want. I've had 2 kids people-in under a year and half- so you can imagine the havoc that wreaks on a body. So there goes the figure;


B. I have the least-desireable rack one could lay their eyes upon. The only time I've had bosoms larger than an a-cup was when I was pregnant with Kynsley (oh, how Jay longs for those good ole' days)

I have no problem admitting those things. So, more than likely it wasn't meant as a compliment as much as a slight to my lack-luster assets but I choose to take it that this person may have meant that I don't look quite as bad as they expected after having two kids.

Compliment/Insult #2:

Jay called the other day and asked me if I wanted to join him and a couple of guys he eats with from time to time for lunch. I was the last to arrive (shocking, I know) and then I sat down and spoke to everyone. Then one of the guys turned to Jay and said:

"See what I mean. She's just always so perky. If somebody's having a bad day then she'll just take some sunshine and cram it up their butt."

Lovely. Just call me "butt-cramming sunshine girl". Deep down I'm almost certain this person meant "YOUR WIFE IS SO ANNOYING! TELL HER TO STOP SMILING AT ME ALREADY!!"

but...Polly Sunshine here has decided that he was just refreshed to see a friendly person out there in this world. (When did it become odd to speak to people and smile anyway?) So, I'm sorry. I am overtly friendly. I realize this and have honestly tried to tame it but I'm afraid it's out of control.

If you've been around us much then you've probably figured out this is one of the things that annoys my husband the most about me. He has been embarrased by me on more than one occastion (just ask him to tell you the story about the Mexican restaraunt if he hasn't already). When we went to New York several years ago Jay insisted that I stop speaking to people on the street. I just couldn't manage the not speaking AND not smiling part though.

I'm afraid it's rubbing off on my children too. They wave at every car that passes as we enter Walmart and speak to everyone we meet in the store. Bryson walked up to a mannequin at a store yesterday, tried to shake it's hand and said "Good to meet you. How are you today?" I don't think there's much hope for them...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

High Times in Nashville

Last Tuesday Jay & I headed up to Nashville to see the Counting Crows (see previous post for my perhaps-questionable love affiar with this most fabulous group). Well, hind-sight's 20/20 so the saying goes and of course if I, Superwoman, had anticipated how bad my little procedure was going to be would probably not have scheduled it for the day before this event. Not my brightest idea but, hey. Too late! So while I was unable to sit up at a desk and not coherent enough to be at work, I did manage to drag myself out of bed and put on some real clothes because let's be honest. Nothing was going to keep me away from my band! I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to clap very much but I decided I'd just make up for it with my screaming and singing.

So as we were leaving, I took a pain pill. For some reason it takes a good hour and a half or so for those things to kick in & they make me feel really sick so I thought by the time we got up there it should be in effect & maybe the nausea would have passed. I reclined for the trip up to Nashville and rested. Oh, and I guess the meds must have kicked in a bit because apparently I had a phone converstaion with a mother-of-the-bride which I failed to remember so she had to call me back the next day and have the whole conversation again...whoops. (Luckily she's a super-sweet lady who's quickly becoming a favorite of mine!) Anyway, by the time we got there I was feeling pretty good.

The concert was at the Ryman. AMAZING place to see a show! My new favorite. We found our seats (right in the middle and we could see perfectly). It really didn't look like there would be a bad seat in the place. Jay went and bought me a t-shirt and some popcorn and then we nestled in for the show. The first bit's a little blurry (due to the pain meds) but I remember enough to say...

WOW. What a show. I have never been to a concert as good-ever. If you've ever been to a concert, usually there's an opening act that plays a set, then the 2nd act, then the main headliner. Not this show. The show opened with every member of every band on stage playing and singing. It was UH-MAZING!!! They all sang each other's songs and then there were a few solo spots where the others would leave for a couple songs. It was unbeliveable. It was like one giant jam session and we got to be right in the middle of it.

There were 2 other bands with them Augustana, which I'd heard of but only heard the song "Boston" (great song) and the other was Michael Franti & Spearhead whom I'd never heard of. I didn't really care much about these but now I'm a huge fan. Augustana is more main-stream and they were terrific. (Check them out at

Michael Franti is reggae. I know that's not typically what you'd picture me listening to but I've never in my life seen a better performer. He had everyone in the place dancing and singing. Yes, me, the bible school girl who's never been to a dance or ever learned how was dancing my little heart out. I could blame this on the pain meds but I really think anyone who was there would have been dancing too. He was just fabulous! (Check them out here:

Of course the main attraction was absolutely wonderful and left me feeling all warm inside. I was in quite a bit of pain by the end of the night but it was so worth it. I couldn't exactly work a camera and didn't think to have Jay take pictures but I made friends with the girl next to me so she sent me the link to her (blurry, but better than nothing) pictures:

Oh, and if you look at her pictures, you'll notice that apparently people get quite dressed up for concerts these days. It had been a while since I'd been to one so I felt a bit underdressed sitting next to her but she was really sweet & I'm glad she shared her pictures with me.

Just a little sidenote: The girl across the aisle from us must have been on something much stronger than my loratab 7.5's. You would've thought she was at woodstock. She was flailing about and sweating..then all of the sudden she be sitting down with her head on the pew in front of her like she was passed out. Then she'd be right back up in the aisle again and the old voluteer lady would have to drag her back to her seat. Crazy. It's always funny to me to be around people like that because it's so foreign to me. Jay's used to it and he can usually even have a pretty good guess of what their on because he sees so much of it in his line of work. He said he was pretty sure she was on ecstasy by the way she was acting. Interesting & quite entertaining to watch. She was almost as much fun to watch as the show...almost.

"You're not Superwoman Alicia!"

This is what Jay reminded me of last week--not that I claim to be mind you. I just always seem to underestimate how long things will take, how hard things will be, how much I can do in a 24 hour know...basically everything. I don't know why. Everything just sounds so easy until you're in the middle of it and it's not.

So, I've had this pesky cyst on my hand for a few years now. It's been getting bigger and started getting in the way & hurting quite a bit when I used my wrist very much (it's on my dominate hand). Since it's directly in line with my trigger finger I've been putting off having anything done until I had a couple weeks between photo shoots. So I had weddings on the 1st & 8th but nothing scheduled until a wedding on the 29th. Perfect! The doctor said it was no big deal they'd just take it out & I'd be on my way. Fully functional in a week. While he was at it he decided to go ahead and take off one behind my ear too that's been there for years. So I'm expecting to go in, have them cut out then head on it to work...ha!

After I asked him if that would be okay then he told me "Well, we will have to put you to sleep so you'll probably not want to work that day." Okay. Not exactly what I planned but still, not bad. So Jay decided to take off work to go to the hospital with me. I told him there was really no need. I could get a ride there, it'd take a couple of hours and then get a ride home but he insisted. I had to be there at 8:00 Monday so we dropped the kids off with my folks and I told them we'd be back by 10:00 to pick them up. Well, about 1:00 that afternoon I woke up in the hospital to miserable pain and found the nurse shooting me up with morphine and my hand wrapped up like I'd broken it! What?!! I was expecting a band-aid..maybe a gauze pad & some tape but a big 'ole bandage & instructions not to remove it or shower for 2-3 days??

He said the cyst on my hand ended up being about the size of a golf ball so maybe that's why it's been worse than expected. So I was sent on my way with a perscription for pain medicine and a husband making fun of me for thinking this would be a piece of cake & he kept telling me "You're not Superwoman, Alicia!" Naturally, I don't remember too much about that day because I was under anesthesia. I do vaguely remember being in the drive-thru at the pharmacy and raising up to tell Monique "I'm sorry to be rude..I'm just drunk!" Hmm...I may need to go by and apologize for that. I'm sure Jay was understandably embarassed. I was undoubtedly drooling and of course my afro was bigger than usual from lying on it all day in the hospital. Lovely.

So, needless to say, I did not go in to work that day. Or the next. I've really been in a fog ever since. I don't know if it's being put to sleep or the pain medicine but I just can't seem to snap out of it! I'm off to get my stitches out on my lunch break so I may ask him about it. Oh! And now that the swelling has gone down my hand still has the exact same knot! I hope it's just swelling because I don't know that I would do this again.

Despite not going to work last Tuesday, I was able to drag myself to the concert. That deserves an entire post of its own...:)

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Celebrity Crush

Not what you were expecting, I'm sure. I realize that I most likely do not share this crush with any sane women in America. While I appreciate the beauty of Johnny Depp, I'm just drawn to a man who can sing and compose. He may not have hit the jackpot on the looks but the way he writes and sings...ahh. Just makes me smile and feel all warm inside.

It all began back in 1993...

I don't know that I have ever wanted anything so badly in my entire life as I did this album. I remember distinctly going to Camelot in the mall and BEGGING my mama to buy it. I couldn't seem to express to her how much I needed it. I remember a man next to us laughing at me begging. Finally, she agreed--but with a condition. She would buy it for me but I could not have it until she had read all of the lyrics and listened to it. So then I had to wait. and wait. and wait. I asked her every day "Have you finished yet?!" until she finally told me if I didn't quit asking her that then I'd never get it. I can' remember how long it was-probably only a week but it seemed like an eternity-she released it to me. It was all over after that. I had been exposed to the beautiful lyrics of Adam Durtiz and have never been the same. I know this sounds crazy-it is. I have no problem admitting that. Most people have either never heard of this band or if they have then they don't like their music. This doesn't hurt my feelings at all. They just don't get it. I'm not the biggest fan of techno music but I'm sure it speaks to some people.

I always used to say that I would marry the guy who took me to a Counting Crows concert so when Jay took me to one 9 years ago then I was pretty much stuck with him. Obviously I'm kidding about being stuck with him but I did keep my word & now after 9 long years I get to see them again! Jay got us tickets to their concert so on Tuesday we're heading up to Nashville to the Ryman to be enlightened. You can look for a big smile on my face come Wednesday!!

Here are some a couple of other celebrity crushes that I'm longing to see...

Ben Harper

Beautiful Man. Beautiful Voice. His music can make you laugh & cry. It just makes your soul smile.

Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon

Wow. Just listen to one song. That's all it will take. His voice is so raw & it! (Thanks Angel for turning me onto this band!)