Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cute Summer Dresses & Windy Days Don't Mix

If they ever decide to do a modernized version of I Love Lucy somebody needs to let me know. It seems like every day I am getting into some kind of crazy antic that seems exactly like something Lucy would do. On today’s episode…

Since the weather has been so hot and I so love little summer dresses, I picked out a cute little dress to wear to work today. It’s really flowy and hits just above the knee. Kynsley helped me pick out my white 4 inch sandals to go with it. Super cute we thought. (Yeah, she’s only two but the girl’s got style).

Okay, back to the story. Jay called and couldn’t do lunch today so I was left to my own devices to find something to do. I decided to run into Wal-Mart really quick to pick up just a couple of things. No need for a buggy since I was just going to be in and out. Then I noticed they had 2 liter Diet Sundrops on sale for 88¢! JACKPOT!! Y’all know how I love my Diet Sundrop. Well, crap…no buggy. Oh well, I decided I’d just get two and come back later to load up on more. I trek to the self checkout and pay for my four items with cash. At this point I have a purse on my shoulder, a bag on each arm and my change in my hand. I walk outside grinning at everyone I pass because you know I’m annoying like that and get outside to wait on the traffic until it’s my turn to cross over to the parking lot.

Here’s where it all went wrong.

I decide while I’m waiting to take this opportunity to put the change into my purse and retrieve my keys. At this exact moment a big gust of wind blew the money right out of my hand. All the cars stop while I try to chase down my four $1 bills. Naturally they all blew in different directions and I’m scuffling around in my four inch heels trying to daintily squat down to pick them up because I can’t bend over and do it the quick way (see paragraph about my wardrobe selection for the day). Well, turns out there was no need to be dainty because I then realized that the wind had my dress blowing crazily around MY WAIST!!! What with the bags on each arm (and the purse and the keys, etc.) there was no possible way to hold it down. Oh dear. All I could think about was “What underwear did I put on this morning? If I have to be publicly humiliated at least let me have chosen cute panties today…”

I know what you’re thinking. “Alicia. It was four dollars. Why didn’t you cut your losses and save your dignity?!” I’ve been asking myself that same question friends. I’m sure any one of those people where stopped in traffic with all of the commotion would have gladly given me four dollars if I’d just went to the car and stopped flashing the whole parking lot. Why it didn’t occur to me to just walk on to the car as if nothing happened I have no idea. I am happy to say that I let the receipt blow right away. Yep, didn’t even try to chase that one down.

You’d think one would be in tears of humiliation after this debacle but not this girl. All I could do was laugh all the way back to work and think about how much Holly was going to appreciate this story. You see, if I am Lucy reincarnate then Holly is my Ethel. So I got back to work and told my tale and me, Holly & Justin all laughed until we cried. I’m choosing to look on the bright side. I was able to stop traffic at Wal-Mart and most likely every person who saw me got a good laugh out of it too. I’m just hoping that I didn’t know any of them personally…