Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Extreme} Public Apology

I ran my mouth last night. I know that’s not surprising to anyone because that’s one of the things that I do all too well. However rather than just feeling like an idiot for talking too much I feel really badly for dogging my husband to the bystanders.

Did I really want to punch him in the face? Absolutely. Did I need to share that with our mutual friends in his absence? Absolutely not.

To those of you who witnessed my outburst and were looking for the number of a priest who could perform an exorcism, I’m happy to announce that I had my quarterly break down last night and all is well. My general routine is to let things build and build and build until I just break down and have a good ole cry and usually take it all out on Jay.

I’m probably the most stressed out that I can ever recall being. I’m not a get-stressed-out kind of gal. I go with the flow and do quite well (if I must say myself) with juggling everything. Well…business is booming. Which is FABULOUS-don’t get me wrong. From July 1-September 18th (vacation time!) I will have had 18 different photo sessions. 7 of which were weddings. On average I take 800-1000 images at a wedding so that’s at least 6000 photos to edit not even counting the other 11 sessions. It’s just a bit overwhelming--especially with the regular 40 hours, 3 & 4 year old, house to attempt to keep clean, laundry for 4 people and a Sunday school class to teach. I think I'm going to hyperventilate just thinking about it.

Now…add to that unexpected house guests in this case the in-laws-who I adore but are surrounded by non-stop drama-and it’s just made my cup overflow (and not in the good Hope Floats kind of way folks). So when Jay had a lazy day on Tuesday that was it. All I could take. When I got home last night I told him I was mad at him and he was clueless. I had to spell it out for him and he laughed!

Jay: “I’m sorry… I didn’t even know you were mad. You know if you ever want me to do something all you have to do is ask.”
Me: “I shouldn’t have to ask.” (Come on, I know some of you ladies have used that line)
Jay: “Well, I’m really sorry. Sometimes it’s just nice to be lazy for a change.”
Me—in between sobs: “I wouldn’t know!”

Its okay you can laugh too. I was completely feeling sorry for myself. He really is wonderful and of course he deserves a day to be lazy. He works two jobs just like I do. He works really hard to provide for our family and make sure we’re all happy and taken care of.

So I would like to apologize not only for airing my dirty laundry but also for complaining. I’ve never thought of myself as a complainer but as of late I find myself complaining all the time. I LOVE taking pictures and am so extremely thankful to not only be doing what I love but to have been blessed with a thriving business in these economic times. I thank God every day for my life and I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. I just need a pause button and a few little elves to boss around and life would be perfect.


I just got back from lunch with Jay. He gave me a gift certificate to the spa and a doozie from Great American Cookie Company. I love that boy. I just may keep him after all.

Oh…and by the way…he doesn’t exactly know about my outburst last night so let’s just keep that between us okay internet friends? I’ll tell him eventually. I just need to cash in on my massage first;)
I also apologize for these ancient photos. Sadly, they're all that I have on this computer.


A Lovell said...

Haha...I knew this was coming...didn't expect it so soon...but knew it was coming.

Don't feel bad...everyone needs to unload once in a while...we have all definitely been there.

Dana said...

It's alright to come unglued every now and then. Especially since you are under so much stress right now. Husbands just end up getting the worst end of it when it does happen. I'm sure Jay forgave you the moment it happened. You two are a great couple!

Carly said...

I laughed...only because I can relate! Our poor husbands that continue to put up with us... Sweet post girl. :)

Anonymous said...

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