Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best Week EVER

So, this is my first blog here and I really hate to start this out with such a negative post but I just really see no way around it. So far 2009 is crappy. I know, I know--usually I'm the glass half full girl but I'm having a hard time with that lately! Here's the run-down so far this week:

For starters, Jay's been in Kentucky for 2 weeks-which is bad enough-but then he calls several times a day in between watching football games with the guys, eating at all these nice restaurants, going bowling and tries to tell me how much he misses us. Give me a break. I mean I know he misses us or the kids at least, 2 weeks is a long time. But here on the homefront things aren't that peachy and I'm sure he's secretley glad these are the 2 weeks he got to be away.


Both the kids have RSV. Let me just back up...last Wednesday we found out that sweet little Anna Beth (good friend and playmate of my 2 kids) had RSV. On Thursday afternoon, Kynsley started running a 101.7 fever and had a runny nose and awful sounding cough. Bryson's had RSV a couple of times so I knew these were the symptoms and thought I better get her checked out before the weekend. So I took her in on Friday and told them she had been exposed to RSV. The doctor looked in her ears and at her throat and said "just a cold". Over the weekend, she got worse and Bryson picked up the "cold" too. On Sunday he was coughing so bad he was gagging and throwing up so on Monday I took him to the doctor. I decided to drag Kynlsey along too (since it was just a cold) and let her cough and sneeze all over the office just for kicks. Well...guess what! Bryson has RSV & double ear infections. I asked her if we should test Kynlsey and she said "Oh, no--she obviously has the same thing". Seriously? I really wanted to just slap her and demand my co-pay back but clearly I would never have the nerve to actually do that. Oh, and apparently they don't give medication for RSV anymore, who knew?


My mom kept the kids and since Jay was away I just stayed at there after work so we could all get a nice free meal:) It was also American Idol night so I stayed to watch it with some adult company because if I had went home the only thing we can watch is Alvin and the Chipmunks. Well, I got home at 9 or so to discover that the heat wasn't working! Perfect. So I called around and was advised to turn on the emergency heat until the morning. Guess what--that wouldn't work either. Luckily my parents only live a stone's throw away so I packed up the kids and we went to sleep at Granny & Poppy's.


Wednesday started out okay actually. After phone calls back and forth someone came out and fixed the central unit. We didn't have to get a new one so that was good. A girl called and booked a wedding...awesome (thanks for the referral Beth!) Then Lori Gooch called up to tell me that she was sending us a check for $250 that was an insurance refund from where we sold our house a year and a half ago! Perfect!! Hopefully that will pay for the central unit repairs! I thought my luck was finally swinging up. Then I went home. The girl who started keeping the kids on Mondays and Wednesdays to give my mother a much needed break told me that she had taken another job because they could give her more hours. Don't get me wrong--I can't argue with that & good for her, la de da. It just would have been nice to know (when she called and asked for a job or when she started 2 weeks ago) that she needed more hours (never mentioned) or that she was looking for something else. It's really not a big deal, I know. She's a sweet girl and nothing against her but it was just something else to be piled onto my lovely week.

So now it's Thursday and so far nothing monumentally has gone wrong. I have 3 month pictures after work which is by far my least favorite age to photograph though so I'm expecting that to go just horribly. Wish me luck!


Erica said...

Well, I hope your week gets better! I'm so glad that you signed on to follow my blog...that way Iwas able to find yours! I don't know if you know or not, but I've been getting into'll have to tell me what you think of my pics! TTFN!

A Lovell said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say, sorry you are having such a bad week.

Leanne Helums said...

WOW, what a bad week. Just think it can only go up from here. Glad you decided to join the blogging world.

The Burns Family said...

I love the name of your blog. It fits y'all so well :-)

I'm sorry you are having a terrible week. I'm also sorry because my sweet Anna Beth made Bryson and Kynsley sick. Oh well, next time they are sick they can give it to Anna Beth and I promise not to get mad! Hope your week gets better. Love you!

Little Gifts From God said...

Sorry about your week but I am glad that you have joined the blog world. Lillian wishes that Kynsley and Bryson gets better!

Dana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible week! I hope that it gets better for you and your little ones. Glad you decided to join this addictive blog world. I hope you don't mind but I am going to add you to my list. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!