Friday, April 17, 2009

Quarterly Update

Hey everybody! When I started this I thought that I'd get on here every day at work and check in, add pictures, etc. Yeah, obviously that didn't happen. Every spare minute with the boss gone was spent in wedding mode up until Holly's big day. Since then I've had the place to myself with both her responsibilities and mine so free time hasn't been that ample. Unfortunately, free time outside of work is non-existent so I just haven't had much time for updates. But today it's slow and I actually remembered to bring some new jpeg files to work so I can put some pics up. Most everything I have is raw and that doesn't jive until I convert them (which I haven't had time to do either) but I did happen to take my little camera to the Easter Egg Hunt and some of our Easter activities because it's just so much easier to haul around when I'm also chasing 2 kiddies. So now if I can just figure out how to get them on here...

Well, they're on here. Albeit randomly positioned but I haven't figured out that part yet:)

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