Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 months going on 14

I'm already dreading the teenage years. I'm afraid our sweet little Kynsley has inherited her Daddy's flirty nature and seems to be developing quite a little attitude to go with it. (No idea where she's gettting that from). She's had a major crush on Cody Grissom for some time now. She's played it smart and has been using Cayla to get closer to him-we girls learn young, huh? The first thing she looks for every church service is Cody and now that he's moved to Chatanooga, when she doesn't see him she'll throw up her hands and ask "Where's Cody?!" So I'll tell her "He's in Chattanooga". Well, Granny brought her a stuffed horse last week when Bryson had his tubes put in and she had a bit of a cold (any excuse will do when Granny wants to bring presents). So Granny asked Kynlsey what she was going to name her new horse and we were all expecting "Neigh, Neigh" or "Poppy Vance" because she's generally very predictable with naming things. Apparently she decided to honor Cody because she took a long thoughtful look at the horse and then at Granny and said "Chattanooga". Chattanooga has now become a permanent fixture under her arm and she won't go to sleep without it.

So now to the attitude part of this tale. Since Cody is not there to fulfill Kynsley's needs, she's starting to look elsewhere. My good friend Holly got married a few weeks ago and leading up to it we were getting together working on wedding stuff constantly. In this process, Kynsley met John Michael, Holly's older brother. Well, it was love at first sight. She followed him everywhere the night they met and when he had to leave for a short bit she looked all over the house calling "John Michael! Whe ah you?" He returned and all was well in her world. When it was time to leave I found her sitting with him on the couch working on his laptop and engaged in what I'm sure was a very in depth conversation. John Michael made quite the impression on Kynsley because she "calls" him daily from our cellphones. She pretends to have a whole conversation complete with pauses for his response. Example:

Kynsley: "Hey John Michael"


Kysnley: "Nuthin"


Kynsley: "Okay, see ya later"

Sunday night she had my phone pretending to have this conversation and I told her it was time to get her pajamas on & get ready for bed. She turned to me and held up her hand in the talk-to-the-hand fashion and said "I have to talk to John Michael for just a minute!" Wow. I really did not think it would start this young ! I hope we can get the attitude in check before the real stuff starts or it's gonna be a long road!

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Erica said...

I'm glad mine's not the only sassy little girl with a big attitude! Cute story!