Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Compliments...(maybe sneaky, back-handed ones, but I'll take them)

In the past couple of weeks I've been enlightened with two odd little comments that left me wondering...Was that a compliment, or an insult? Me, being the ever-so-annoying optimist, chose to view them as compliments. I'll let you be the judge:

Compliment/Insult #1:

I was told by someone who I hadn't seen in a while:

"You know, I think I'd trade my boobs for your figure." to take this? Well, let's be realistic here. Anyone with half decent eye-sight can tell that

A. My figure is the last one a person would want. I've had 2 kids people-in under a year and half- so you can imagine the havoc that wreaks on a body. So there goes the figure;


B. I have the least-desireable rack one could lay their eyes upon. The only time I've had bosoms larger than an a-cup was when I was pregnant with Kynsley (oh, how Jay longs for those good ole' days)

I have no problem admitting those things. So, more than likely it wasn't meant as a compliment as much as a slight to my lack-luster assets but I choose to take it that this person may have meant that I don't look quite as bad as they expected after having two kids.

Compliment/Insult #2:

Jay called the other day and asked me if I wanted to join him and a couple of guys he eats with from time to time for lunch. I was the last to arrive (shocking, I know) and then I sat down and spoke to everyone. Then one of the guys turned to Jay and said:

"See what I mean. She's just always so perky. If somebody's having a bad day then she'll just take some sunshine and cram it up their butt."

Lovely. Just call me "butt-cramming sunshine girl". Deep down I'm almost certain this person meant "YOUR WIFE IS SO ANNOYING! TELL HER TO STOP SMILING AT ME ALREADY!!"

but...Polly Sunshine here has decided that he was just refreshed to see a friendly person out there in this world. (When did it become odd to speak to people and smile anyway?) So, I'm sorry. I am overtly friendly. I realize this and have honestly tried to tame it but I'm afraid it's out of control.

If you've been around us much then you've probably figured out this is one of the things that annoys my husband the most about me. He has been embarrased by me on more than one occastion (just ask him to tell you the story about the Mexican restaraunt if he hasn't already). When we went to New York several years ago Jay insisted that I stop speaking to people on the street. I just couldn't manage the not speaking AND not smiling part though.

I'm afraid it's rubbing off on my children too. They wave at every car that passes as we enter Walmart and speak to everyone we meet in the store. Bryson walked up to a mannequin at a store yesterday, tried to shake it's hand and said "Good to meet you. How are you today?" I don't think there's much hope for them...


Dana said...

You are killin' me! I think the first was a great compliment. You look great after having 2 kids. I only wish I had your figure. The second just means that you are a happy person. I don't think that he meant any harm in what he said. In all fairness it did come out of a man's mouth. LOL

Dana said...

I didn't mean killin' me in a bad way either. I meant you were making me laugh and that is a good thing. I just wanted to clarify! :)

A Lovell said...

I'd trade my boobs, my car and just about anything else you ask for in exchange for you figure too. It's a compliment.