Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clarification, Rethinking and Explination/Apologies

Clarification: Obviously I don't have a talent for vague blogging. I posted yesterday without naming names because I didn't want to openly call anyone out but the identity of my 2nd "compliment" was quickly exposed! So first of all, I want to make it clear that I was in no way offended by either comment. I merely thought they were funny and could be taken either as a compliment or an insult. After saying that, I apparently misquoted my complimentor (is that a word?), who assured me it was indeed a compliment but it should have been quoted as "...pump some sunshine" rather than "cram some sunshine". I stand corrected and now am and probably will always be, ever-so-lovingly referred to as "sunshine pumper" by him.

Rethinking: After my post about my crush on Adam Durtiz, one of my blog-readers reminded me that I was not alone in my crazy crush and obviously, this man has some skills that appeal to certain women who I'm happy to be in the same category as. Although he's never been married, he has courted the following ladies:

Mary Louise Parker-the chick from Fried Green Tomatoes and now is on Weeds
Monica Potter--Who? You may ask. She's the girl in Patch Adams & I'm sure some other stuff. The song Mrs. Potter's lullaby was written for her.
Courtney Cox-she was in the Scream movies, 3000 to Graceland, oh and a little show called Friends! More importantly, she also starred in the music video for their song A Long December.
Jennifer Anniston-no explanation needed. It was pre-Brad Pitt but still, she's pretty up there on the Hollywood list I'd say.

He was also spotted a few years ago out and about with Mary-Kate Olsen but I choose to believe he was just mentoring her because I really don't think my Adam is a creepy 40-something year old who would date an 18 year old. Never! He may have dirty-looking fake dread locks but he's really not dirty people...

So, I have rethought my stance on my crush being strange and crazy. Clearly other women find him interesting too.

Explanation/Apologies: I really don't know why I'd say "apologies" because no one really cares. So I realize that I sound like one of those "I'm so sorry I haven't posted pictures of my kids for you to look at! I'm sure you're all just waiting by your coumputers to see there faces" mommies. But I suppose I am apologizing and explaing for the sake of my children in case they ever see their little friends mom's blogs with pictures of everything. I don't want them to think their mother never cared enough to work them into a post. So, the following blog titles will hopefully sooner, rather than later, be coming to a blog near you:
  • Was that M & M really worth it?
  • Daddy's (maybe not such a good idea) Birthday Gift
  • Bryson Goes to School
  • My Little Protege'
  • What ever happened to the Pictures from that Atlanta Trip?
  • It's been 10 years...really?
  • 3! Oh, it's the Magic Number

The reason I haven't posted these is because they actually, really and truly have pictures to go with them!! Hard to believe, I know. You see, my only "blog-world" time is while I'm technically working. At home computer time can only be used for work because I stay far enough behind as it is. So usually, while I'm running a gallery or something else that ties up photoshop for a while, I'll copy pictures to my jump drive so I can bring them to work and use them in my blogs! Now, remembering to do that is what proves to be the problem. For some reason I don't ever think of it until I'm actually at work and have time to type a blog. So, I will try to do better by my youngins.


Al and Brooke said...

I love reading your blogs! Did you happen to read the emails Al sent to Jay?? I am sure we will talk about them later!

Anonymous said...


I love the way you justify Adam Duritz with X Olsen. You are funny. I have enjoyed reading your blogs.


Anonymous said...

Oh and I'll admit to crushes on: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and too many musicians to list here. (We'll talk.)

Anonymous said...

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