Monday, July 20, 2009

Have I mentioned that I hate throwing birthday parties?

Seriously....hate it. Anyone that knows me at all can tell you that I'm the most laid-back person in the world. I let things roll of my back and try to spin everything in a positive way so I don't get stressed out. I can have 7 people waiting on picture orders, 4 albums to design with 3 shoots lined up for the weekend, 2 loan closings in one day and auditors in the office and you'd never guess that I had that much going on. Maybe because that's a fairly normal week, I don't know but throw a birthday party for one of my children into the mix and I'm a hot mess.

Sure they all start out fun...the planning...picking a theme...deciding on a cake...choosing a birthday outfit...

then it ends by staying up until 3:00 in the morning working on a stinking cake and then having both of your children almost drown at the party.

So I know all of you attendees have written about how much fun the party was...well if you happen to be reading this and did not attend:

1. I'm sorry you weren't invited

2. It was awful--you didn't miss a thing

well, except

  • The WATER SLIDE--oh wait, that's right, it NEVER SHOWED UP

  • BRYSON whipping the pool with his green swimming noodle and getting so into it that he fell in head first--I didn't actually see the incident but I did see him just as Pawpaw was pulling him out. He did really good-I was quite proud. He was doggie-paddling his little heart out and managed to have his nose & eyes above water anyway..granted his eyes were about the size of saucers but he did good!

  • BRYSON's clothes and football "underpants" as he calls them proudly displayed on the bush for all to see while they dried out from his unexpected dip into the pool

  • ME climbing into the pool clothes and all (with cell phone in pocket) to pull out my 2 year old a/k/a the birthday girl herself when she ventured past the steps of the pool while I turned my back to get her floaties

  • An 8 month old baby cracking its head on the side of the pool so loud it silenced the whole party (thank goodness I'm not responsible for that one--by the way he's just fine as far as I know)

  • ME not getting my act together and cutting the cake before guests were already leaving! (sorry about that)

So that's the nutshell of what you missed. Sounds like fun, huh?

So on top of apologizing for the party itself, I would like to apologize for my parenting skills. Letting both my kids fall in? It's a wonder DHR hasn't already come and taken them. Jay was gone to pick up pizza on the first incident and I'm not sure where he was when Kynsley had her turn under water but I accept the blame. I was extremely negligent. I guess I just figured with daddy, aunts, uncles and both sets of grandparents, someone would watch my kids while I did all of the party running around stuff. Well, I will definitley not make that mistake again! Unless I have specifically asked someone to keep an eye on them I will not assume anything.

Until 2 weeks ago Kynsley would not venture past the steps even with someone holding her. She finally got in further with Jay holding her a couple of weeks ago but still wasn't too sure about it. All she's ever wanted to do is sit on the side and kick her feet. Naturally she'd pick this day to be brave. I had literally just put her swimsuit on 30 seconds before and had turned my back to get her floaties and there she went.

Oh and apparently, I did not show enough motherly panic as I rescued my child. Holly said I just casually walked down the steps of the pool and pulled her out. Poor little Kynsley's head went under and she just slowly sunk with her arms stretched out beside her and those blue eyes looking up hoping someone would get her. It seems like more often than not I just feel like the biggest failure in the parent department.

So, technically it wasn't my party but I'll still cry if I want to.

P.S. I'll post the "fun-filled" pictures as soon as I can finish the wedding pics from last weekend and get them downloaded.


A Lovell said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself! The party went great. Yeah, your kids fell in the pool...but both of them were quickly removed and that just part of kids learning boundries...just like little doggies with thier shock colars. I wasn't there when it happened, but bravo for not freaking out when K fell in, freaking out would not have gotten her out of the pool any faster and it would have probably just scared her more than she already was...why would you possibly feel bad about staying calm?
It was a great party and you should be proud of yourself for getting it together.

Leanne Helums said...

You had a great party. You really should be proud of all that you did. The cake was great! I get a stressed with parties too. I missed you having to into the water, but I thought that I was going to have to because Katie Lee got to far out and couldn't figure out how to move back. Thanks for having a fun party and Kinsley loved it no matter what. :)

Angel said...

You are seriously way to hard on yourself! It was a great party and your parenting skills are top notch! I agree with Amber. Freaking out only would've made Kynsley freak out. So you did the best thing by staying calm. And the same with Bryson. (and BTW didn't even noticed his clothes hung out to dry, so maybe not many other people did either)I had fun!

"Allie Play" said...

It was a great party!!! Parties are stressful for me too. By the way...gotta know, why did you delete your comment from my post:)

Little Gifts From God said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! The party was great! I am like Amber yeah, your kids fell in but that could have happened to any of us. Relax, the party is over and everyone had fun.

Dana said...

You are extremely hard on yourself. I thought you were doing a great job. Everything looked great including Kynsley. The birthday cake tasted wonderful not to mention tasted great. If you want to see what a crazy parent looks like you should have been looking at me. Everyone was having to grab at my kids because I couldn't get to them fast enough. If anyone deserves to have the crazy mother award I would think that one should go to me! I thought everything you did was fantastic!

Alicia said...

Thanks for the support everyone! I'm glad you all had fun no matter how bad I thought it was.

I thought I had already left a comment on your blog but I didn't see it so I left another one and then of course it popped up right under the one I thought I had left to begin with. So I was trying to avoid looking like a complete idiot but now you've called me out in front of the blog world. So thanks Tashia, thanks a million. I'm kidding of course! I don't need any help looking like an idiot!

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