Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shutdown threats, sunglasses handicap and new clothes!

Jay has been urged by a couple of husbands to shut my blog down. Thankfully, he never reads the blogs or he might actually give that some thought. On the other hand, I know of at least one case where a wife read her husband my blog about Jay's thoughtfulness and after calling him a jerk, he then proceeded to come up with a very thoughtful surprise for his wife the next day! See there, even though I fear my blog is slowly changing from random tidbits to more of an ode to my fabulous husband it looks like it's helping at least one husband who might need just a little help in the idea department to do something special for his Mrs. I hate to put you through this gushing about Jay again but he just keeps on with this stuff! I don't know if it's because he's gotten some feedback and feels like he has to do something for me to blog about or what but he's been even more over the top than usual lately! (So keep the bragadocious comments coming ladies;)

Sweet Thing #1

He got me a father's day present. You read that correctly. He got me a father's day present because I made him a father I suppose. (any excuse to buy me something will do for him) I think I mentioned in my turmoil over what to get him that I ended up letting him get some sunglasses he's been wanting. He has to have perscription lenses so he had to pick them out. Well, he wanted me to look at the frames before he ordered so I did. He had me try on some pairs while there just to "see how great the lenses were". This may seem obvious to all of you that I had a pair of sunglasses coming my way but it in no way crossed my mind because...

Anyone that knows me very well has undoubtedly heard me mention that there has never been a pair of sunglasses created on this planet that look good on me. I'm sure you're all thinking "oh, I bet there are some out there that would look good on you!" NOPE. Don't waste your time. People have tried before. One of my best friends, Anna, just knew I must be being overly dramatic about the topic so she had me try a ton of them on in Target one day. After the 15th pair or so she finally said "You don't even try to look good in them" She hasn't argued with me about looking bad in sunglasses since. Even the clerk when Jay decided he wanted me to try some on kept handing me different pairs saying " 'bout trying these. No....let's try these..." and so on. He knew it. I'm just not cut out for sunglasses. I've accepted it and just buy any $5 pair at walmart that will serve the purpose. Well, Jay knows this too but hasn't quite accepted the fact. So when he picked up his uber-expensive sunglasses and brought them home guess guessed very own pair!! I'm sure you can sense the sarcasam because I don't know how I could type it any thicker. I really, really appreciate his effort. It's so sweet of him and looking through them is great. Just don't look at me while I'm wearing them. Or do--you're sure to get a good laugh.
Oh, and I failed to mention--you'd think that he would have gotten an understated pair knowing my handicap. Not Jay! He got these big white sunglasses with amber lenses. The look my face...when I put them on...I look like Speed Racer.
Sweet Thing #2.
I cleaned house Monday night! I'm sure that doesn't sound too much like news to most of you but with me juggling the jobs and kids the house is a little neglected. Hey, better it than one of the kids, right? I manage to keep the basics done but deep cleanings are a little spread out. Well, I stayed up until 2:30 scrubbing and cleaning. I could barely get out of bed the next morning--or 4 hours later, whatever you want to call it. I inherited my mother's back and when I over exert with scrubbing--especially 2 days after a wedding I pay for it. Well, my sweet hubby, to show his appreciation had a surprise for me when I got home from work on Tuesday. He had went shopping and bought 2 new outfits for me! Say what you will but having a metro husband is priceless!!
Okay, I'm done with the bragging for today. So husbands...get your dirty comments ready.

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