Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures from the World's Worst Luau

The Birthday Girl!

My sweet little hula girl

I had 3 people offer to buy the cake for me just to avoid me making it. Why is it that other people can see your craziness when you can't? I should have taken them up on the offer. It wasn't hard to do it just took sooo much time (which I don't exactly have excess of these days). I have to say I was pretty proud of it though!

Why won't my kids pose for a picture like this with me?

This is what I get:

Gift time!

Kynsley ADORES Emma. They were running through the sprinkler--a safe distance from the pool but after the earlier events of the day I made Kynsley wear her floaties anyway.

I'm sure Jay's folks loved those grassy little feet in the pool!


Dana said...

It was a great party! We are so glad that you invited us. The kids had a blast!

A Lovell said...

Alicia, those pictures are great! Especially the first it!

Carolee said...

Kynsley is a doll...Bryson is a cutie too!I sure hate we missed the party! Looks like it was fun! :)

"Allie Play" said...

Love the pics.