Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear Major Petty,

I too, cannot believe that we have never actually met face to face. It has been almost 3 years since you first took out your loan with us and in that time we have grown to be friends. You are a pleasure to deal with and I always enjoy your 5 minute "Praise Jesus" voicemails and 30 minute "Preach it sista!" phone conversations. The work you and your wife do for our country is extrememly honorable and in our short time of conversing with each other I have seen you from Iraq to Virginia and now Washingto D.C.

Thank you so much for the care package that you sent. Kynsley enjoys her blue sleeper with the dog on it and Bryson loves his camouflage bible with his special message from "Uncle Petty". My husband and I are studying the Iraqi to English translating guide as I am sure it will come in very handy one day if we ever decide to plan a trip to that war-torn country. As always, you are so thoughtful and I love getting the Happy Kwanza and Thinking of you Sister cards in the mail. I promise that I will put those hard copies of the photographs of my children in the mail as soon as I can and although I cannot ensure that you can be featured on the cover of our magazine as you requested, I will do my best to have you featured in an article very soon.

I received the flyers that you sent regarding your property for sale and the house in Montgomery that is for sale. I would like to remind you that although I made you separate payment stubs for your special principal payments, had the guys drive by the property you are interested in to give you an update and have made the "Welcome to Alabama" phone calls to all of your BRAC friends that you requested, I am not your personal secretary. If someone inquires about land for sale I will let them know about your property but I hope you will not hold me responsible for selling it for you.

So on this Memorial Day weekend, I would like to Thank You for your service and No, for the 73rd time, we still do not have any foreclosures that I forgot to tell you about.

With love,

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"Allie Play" said...

This is too funny. Sounds so much like the many folks I have had to deal with in my career...