Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free to good home

one 3 year old male-blue eyes, curly hair, contagious laugh

and one nearly 2 year old female-blue eyes, crazy hair,
loves to entertain.
I'm kidding, of course. But after this weekend this thought may have entered my mind. We attempted a fun-filled trip to Atlanta which turned out to be a stress-filled trip that left us questioning our decision to take the kids to Disney World this fall. Parts of it were fun but by the end of the weekend I feared that Jay might actually throw up his hands and say "I'm done" leaving me with these little terrors, I mean angels. I know, you're thinking wasn't it just your last post that was talking about how awesome your kids were? Well, that was before we attempted a short road-trip with them. They were pretty good I guess for a 2 & 3 year old it's just that they've gotten to the age where they interact alot. Their conversations are hilarious but Miss Kynsley has also learned exactly what to do to push Bryson's buttons, therefore the craziness and fighting are sure to follow. I've tried to tell Bryson to ignore her but that does no good. When strapped in a carseat they can't really get to each other to wrestle it out (not that I condone that or anything) so they just yell back and forth. EXHAUSTING. Oh, and apparently my kids hate hotels. When it came time to go to sleep neither could understand why we couldn't go home and Bryson just kept crying saying "But Mommy we don't live here!!" We did take some pictures so I'll try to post those later and make the trip look all glorious and good-times.

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A Lovell said...

Trips with kids are kinda like pregnancy and labor...there must be a similar kind of hormone that makes you forget what it was really like or we would never take any family vacations.
I would say that 90% of our Disney trip last year we were like "What were we thinking...never again", but after we were home for about a month, it was all "I can't wait to go back...so much fun...the kids will be older and better next time"
It always seems like a good idea...but