Friday, May 22, 2009

Stinkin' Awesome

If you are around Matt Burns for any length of time I guarantee you will hear him say these words. The more I've been around him and heard it the more I have to agree that some things are just Stinkin' Awesome! There are just no better words I can think of to describe them. So here's a list of Stinkin' Awesome things that are on my mind today...

1. Angela Burns.
Yep, that would be Matt's lovely wife. She is STINKIN' AWESOME and I have a feeling that she may be the muse behind this catch phrase. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet and although I've technically only known her for 3 or so years I have no idea what I did before she was in my life! I love this girl. I am so in debt to her for favors I think I may have to pay for any future wedding between our two. She's always there with an ear or a shoulder and she has the sweetest way of reminding me of things that I need to do that I've been trying to remember to do for weeks without making me feel like a complete moron (don't worry, I still know that I am, I just appreciate her restraint). So here's to you are STINKIN' AWESOME.

2. Carmel Bugles. Try one and you will agree-STINKIN' AWESOME

3. Careless Whisper by Seether--just heard this remake yesterday! Who would have ever thought? Not me but I guess that's why I'm not a music producer. Well, have a listen, it's STINKIN' AWESOME

4. While I'm on music, Grace Kelly by Mika. This song is so STINKIN' AWESOME. Everyone should make a point to start their day off with it and I guarantee you will smile all day while it plays in your head. I lovelovelovelove it. My children and I like to dance to it. It's a win for everyone. We have a blast and Jay gets a good laugh at us dancing like crazy people.

5. Long Weekends. No explination needed. STINKIN' AWESOME.

6. Justin Chittam. He works here with me and went to the store yesterday just because we were out of diet drinks in the kitchen. (I'm the only one who drinks diet but I drink about twice as much as the guys). He brought back a case of Diet Sundrop-my favorite and he even brought me a cold one too because he thought I might want it right away. I know it sounds like I'm his awful boss who barks orders, makes him bring me my favorite things and yells "No wire hangers!!" but actually he's boss over me. He's just STINKIN' AWESOME.

7. High Heels. I know this sounds trivial but you wouldn't believe the negative comments and vibes I get because I wear high heels. Before I had kids it was "You're gonna have back trouble one day!" (nice try--I inherited that anyway) then when I was pregnant it was "You're not really gonna wear those when you get big are you?" (I did) and then when the kids arrived it was "Are you really going to wear those 4 inch heels and carry the babies around?" (I do) So say what you will. I haven't fallen with the kids yet and I take the occasional day off for flats but nothing can make me feel instantly skinnier than a pair of heels. They're theraputic. I'm serious. Just back off-they're STINKIN' AWESOME.

8. My Husband. He is amazing. I don't know anyone who I can laugh with like I do with him. We have the best time together and he always makes me feel so special and important. Even though I want to throw the remote at his head sometimes because he finds it impossible to fold laundry and watch a ballgame at the same time. Or even though sometimes it feels like I have 3 children because I feel like I need to punish him along with Bryson & Kynsley since he's the one that showed them how to bounce so high on the bed. He's still my steady and I love him to pieces. Just a little more work and he'll be STINKIN' AWESOME.

9 & 10. My sweet babies. I know we all think our kids are special but I've almost accepted the fact that mine just are. I used to as Jay "Are they really this cute or do we just think so because their ours?". Well, I don't ask anymore because they are. My not-yet 2 year old notices if I have on a new shirt, scarf or necklace and says "Oooh, pretty mama. You look bootiful." or when I've had to whip her for something she's done (which is daily lately) she says "I sorry mommy. I not do it again." She will do anything for a laugh and if she prays for no one else then she always prays for all of the dogs. Precious, precious precious. My 3 year old is so tenderhearted it almost makes me cry. If I ever have to sneek in Kynsley's room after she's asleep he always wants to go in with me so he can peek at her and he'll say "Look mama, she sure is cute" and every morning he wants to be the first one in her room and greets her with "Good Morning Sunshine! Are you ready to get up?" I could go on and on. They are just STINKIN' AWESOME.

So Thank you Matt. I have now officially adopted your catch phrase and plan to put it to good use.


The Burns Family said...

Aww Alicia! I think you are pretty STINKIN' AWESOME yourself!

The Peppermint Porch said...

That's funny to know. One of Carter's words that he uses too much is "Stinkin". He gets mad at his Daddy and says "Stinkin' Daddy". And it goes on and on from that! :)