Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back by popular demand...

Random thoughts for the day!! (Okay, so maybe it's not by popular demand but that just sounded better)

1. Today is one of those days that you just wish you could slip away and not tell anyone where you were. Just leave, you know for a day or so to just collect yourself. Problem is that does not exist and even if I could do that it wouldn't work. My mind never shuts off. Even when Jay gets me spa packages for a "relaxation" day (which I REALLY appreciate, don't get me wrong) all I can think about while I'm getting a massage or a facial is everything that I should be doing while I'm wasting time on myself. No matter how many hours I work and how little I sleep, I think I will always be 3 steps behind. Remember the movie Multiplicity? I haven't seen that in years but I've been thinking about it a lot lately. If I could just clone a couple more of me, even if each was dumber than the last I think they could still do a lot of the things I need to get done. Oh well, just daydreaming and my luck since they'd be clones of me then they would probably take on about 12 more obligations each and then I'd be in even worse shape! Before you start thinking well, if I'm that busy then why do I waste time blogging--I'm technically on the clock. Shocking...I know. I'm completely abusing my employer. I'm actually on hold listening to elevator music waiting on the barely engish-speaking person to get back on the phone so I can sort out a work related issue. Multi-tasking at its finest:)

2. Yesterday I took the young-uns to see Nicole & get their teeth cleaned. Then we ventured to the mall and as I was walking in with Kynsley holding my left hand and Bryson holding my right I just had one of those "How in the world did I get here and what am I doing with these children?" moments. I just really do not feel old enough or responsible enough to have a 2 & 3 year old. I was literally walking into the mall thinking wow...I really am an adult. I have kids and everything. It's just strange how quickly your whole life changes. I have no idea why that hit me at that moment but not much about me makes sense as you probably already have guessed.

3. Kidbop. Need I say more? I would like to get a hold of whoever had the idea to create this awfulness and then whoever decided to package them in Happy Meals! If I have to listen to Life is a Highway with 7 year olds singing in the background on repeat for one more car ride I may just intentionally run into a telephone pole. The old version was bad enough and then Rascal Flatts had to go and redo it. There are a few other songs on the happy meal kidbop cd but Bryson refuses to listen to them. As soon as it goes to another song he says "That's not my CD!!! Play my CD again!" But I can't say that I'm too upset by that because the next song is Fergie and that would just absolutely be more than I can handle.

Somehow my blogs always turn into a gripe session. I'm sorry about that...I'm generally a very peppy, optimistic person but for some reason blogging about all of my issues is theraputic. My usual therapist, a/k/a Holly, should be back in about 3 weeks so maybe my blogging will be a little more upbeat then.


A Lovell said...

If all you put on your blog was happy and perfect...then it wouldn't be believable...I hate those people with perfect blog lives.
As for everything else...I feel the exact same...our Happy Meal CD's have all convienently found their way into the trash can...not that the Barbie movie in the dvd is any better, but it is easier to tune out.

The Peppermint Porch said...

Same here.....I know how it is sometimes! I thought is was just me!!! :-)