Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Bryson has hit the "Why?" stage with full force. It's so funny to watch him trying to figure something out. He's such a little thinker it just kills me!

I have a little photo album with pictures of me & Jay when we were dating. Bryson & Kynsley like to look through it and drag it all over the house (like everything else they can get their hands on). Last night Bryson brought it to me and had it opened to a page from our Senior trip. On one page we were on the bus and on the other we were taking a nap in a hotel room (there were people in the background & everything so don't get any ideas about where this is headed...) So here's how the conversation progressed:

"Mommy, did Daddy lose me & Kynsley in this picture?" (I love that he thinks it would have to have been Daddy to lose them and not Mommy)

"No, sweetie. That was before you & Kynsley were born."

"Well...why were you on a trip? (He recognized we were in a hotel!) Why did me & Kynsley not go?"

"We were on a school trip and you and Kynsley weren't born yet. That was even before Mommy & Daddy were married."

"But why were you not married? See...you're holding hands! And you're holding hands in this picture too!" (the bus picture)

You could just see his little wheels turning in that head. Is it really possible that every single thing you say can have a "why?" Yes. Yes it is. If you don't believe me then just try to tell my son anything at all. On the way to Atlanta we had this conversation thanks to Miss Kynsley:

Kynsley: "Well...where's Anna Ba-yuff?" (because clearly we should not be going anywhere this far without her, right?)

Me: "She's at home"

Bryson: "Why is she at home"

I ignore that one--hey--take a car ride with these two before you judge...

Kynsley: "Well where's Angela?" (if Anna Beth can't come then Angela will do)

Me: "She's at home with Anna Beth"

Bryson: "Why is she at home with Anna Beth"

Me: "Because that's where they live."

Bryson: "Why is that where they live?"

Me: "Because they just do. That's where their house is."

Bryson: "Well, why do they just do?" (seriously.)

Me: "Does anybody want to watch Mary Poppins?!"

Good ole' Mary Poppins. Practically Perfect in Every Way. Circling "why" conversation over with just a little spoon full of sugar.

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