Friday, June 26, 2009

This is exactly what I was talking about...

This past Saturday I photographed my cousins's wedding. Since I was working, I left the decision of whether or not he came with the kids up to him because I knew I wouldn't be able to help him with them. That was just the excuse he needed because like most men, weddings aren't his idea of a fun time--especially outside weddings in the middle of a 98 degree June day. I left the house at 12:30 to head to Huntsville to start pics. The wedding was at 5:00 and I think I left around 9:45-10:00 heading home. LONG day out in the heat! At the reception I started to panic a little because my battery was on the last bar. I didn't know how much juice I had left and you can't go buy batteries for my camera. No store in Huntsville stocks them and I've been meaning to order a back-up one but just never remember until I need it you know? I managed to squeeze it out and on the way home I called Jay and asked him to remind me to get online and order one as soon as I got home. So I finally get home around 11:00 and he told me that he found my battery online and left it pulled up so I could make sure it was the right one before he ordered it for me. I was already thinking--awesome, that's really sweet of you! So I open the door to the computer armoire and this is what I saw:

He had gotten me a 32g Ipod Touch--preloaded with all of the Counting Crows albums (the love of my music life) & all the songs on his playlist, a car adapter, a little docking station so I can sit it on my desk at work and a gift card to Itunes so I can download more music. Oh--and he already had it setup through my e-mail! There was also a card with a sweet note he'd written in it.

Bryson was still awake of course and was sooo excited! He kept saying "Momma! Look at the bow! Look at the bow!!" I finally said "Yeah, that's a great bow isn't it?" and then he told me "I picked it out all by myself for you at Walmart! It's red. I paid for it all by myself." I said "Really! You paid for it? Out of your piggy bank?!" He said "Yeah! Daddy paid for it but I picked it out all by myself!!" How two boys!

See this exactly proves my point. He always gets amazing gifts for me and goes way over the top. You know what he got for our anniversary? I told him to go pick out some sunglasses. In my own defense, it's not quite as bad as I make it sound. He has to get them through the eye doctor so I couldn't very well know what perscription he needed now could I? Still, it's nothing compared to what he did for me of course. What I do love though, is that even though he doesn't realize it, he's teaching Bryson how a great husband treats his wife. Hopefully one day Bryson will grow up to spoil some lucky (and I hope deserving) girl just like he watched his Daddy appreciate and spoil his Momma.

So as I sit here typing while listening to "Sundays" on my new Ipod in my little purple docking station (oh I didn't mention he got my favorite color in the docking station that sweetheart) I can't help but smile because I'm definitely one lucky girl:)


Leanne Helums said...

How sweet. Donnie got himself this knife that he wanted for his collection from me. How thoughtful of me? HA HA
Glad that y'all had a happy anniversary and wish you many more.

Little Gifts From God said...

Happy Anniversary!! That was so sweet of Jay! I wish that some of that could rub off on Chris!! His thing is that I buy what I want anyway so what could he possibly surprise me with that I don't have already.

Dana said...

Happy Anniversary! Jay sounds like a wonderful husband and father. I know you are very glad to have such a great man. I hope you have many more anniversaries!