Monday, June 15, 2009

Not so grand news it turns out...

I fully intended to do an entire blog post about the pacifier fairy coming a couple of weeks ago and taking Bryson's pacy leaving him a Mickey Mouse watch (Sidenote: The watch happened to be mine when I was 7 and doesn't work but while we may think Bryson is brilliant he is in fact not a genious and can't tell time yet so doesn't seem to notice). Then Anna Beth had to show him up and ditch hers before age 2 so it really doesn't seem that grand anymore. La-de-da Anna Beth. Thanks for stealing my boy's thunder.

I'm kidding of course. Well done Anna Beth! Kynsley refused to suck a pacy even though I tried to cram one down her throat for the first 6 months of her life before finally giving up and just letting her have her thumb. My mother secretly thinks I'm a failure because of this, I know. She hasn't come right our and said it but when I started to wain in my forcing it she gave me those "tsk-tsk" looks and I knew. So yes, I will have to somehow break her of the thumb. I don't really think I'll be able to swing a "thumb fairy" so I'll have to concoct some other way. Don't bother with the dipping her thumb in something gross method because that child will eat anything. She'll even try to lick the bug wipes which are beyond gross. I'll come up with something though. I think I'm gonna make a go at potty training first though. My goal is to have her trained by Disney World and I think that's doable. We'll worry about the thumb after that. She just looks so sweet rubbing her little nose while she sucks her thumb...I'm not quite ready to give up my baby just yet:)

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