Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I feel a bit guilty. My very first post ever was just one big complaint with the last one being that I had to go shoot a 3 month old and 3 month sessions were the, moan, etc. Well, I never followed up to say that he was the best 3 month old EVER. He smiled and laughed and was just a dream. Really made me eat my words. So now the little charmer is 6 months old--actually 7 1/2 months because it took us a month and 4 rain dates to actually get a pretty day to shoot these! He's jsut as cute as ever and he has the most amazing eyes! I get the yummiest catchlights with those big eyes. On to some favorites & collages:

I had a vision of a naked baby in the bright green grass with bubbles all around...

...of course that didn't really work out as planned. We still got some cute shots though.

His daddy wasn't too happy about this outfit but I thought he looked sweet!

I didn't realize until this very minute that I didn't put the correct initials on this one. Oh well, easy fix!

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